It’s important to bring your children to the dentist when their teeth first erupt, which generally starts around 6 months old. Some parents may not see the importance in bringing their children to the dentist because they have baby teeth, which will eventually fall out. The truth is that baby teeth are very important and it is equally as important to take care of them. Cavities in baby teeth only get bigger and harder to fix over time, so it is best to take your child every 6 months to the dentist for an examination.  If children do not visit the dentist cavities can get to the point where a baby tooth needs to be pulled too early—making it difficult for the adult tooth to grow in the correct way.

Here’s a tip from one of our own Dentists, Dr. Dante Brown: “Don’t send your child to bed with juice or milk, as these drinks may cause tooth decay. Instead, use water as an alternative.”

It may be scary for your child to visit the dentist at first, but taking them early is beneficial so that they get used to going to the dentist, which will make them less afraid as they get older. Believe it or not, many adults avoid going to the dentist because of their own fears. The Jane Pauley Community Health Center offers a wide range of dental care for children including: examinations, cleanings, sealants, fillings, baby root canals, and baby crowns. Our dentists check for tooth decay and perform fluoride treatments to protect teeth against cavities.

The Jane Pauley Community Health Center are experts in keeping your child’s teeth clean and healthy. Our dental centers are conveniently located in Madison and Marion Counties. Check out our website to find a location nearest you. To make an appointment, please call 1-844-MY-JPCHC.