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Indianapolis, Indiana — May 29, 2024 — Turning Point SOC, a leading provider of mental health and recovery services in the region, is pleased to announce its consolidation with Jane Pauley Community Health Center (JPCHC), a renowned Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC). This move will enable both organizations to leverage financial and clinical advantages to deliver enhanced services to the community while ensuring sustainable growth.


Clinical Benefits of Consolidation

 Beyond financial gains, the consolidation offers numerous clinical benefits:

  • Expanded Clinical Services: By aligning with JPCHC, Turning Point can expand its clinical services to include enhanced primary care and a broader range of specialized care, offering more comprehensive services to clients.
  • Access to FQHC Resources: Being part of an FQHC provides access to state-of-the-art resources like the EPIC OCHIN electronic health record system, promoting improved data management and clinical coordination.
  • Improved Patient Care: The integration into JPCHC’s clinical model will lead to improved patient care, focusing on high-quality outcomes and greater efficiency.
  • Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing: The larger organization structure allows for greater collaboration among clinical staff, fostering innovation and best practices.
  • Retention of Corporate Identity: Despite the consolidation, Turning Point will retain its unique corporate identity, ensuring continuity for clients and maintaining its respected reputation in the community.
  • Paul Wyman will remain Chairman of the Board for Turning Point and JPCHC Leadership will join the Turning Point Board of Directors. Paul Wyman will also join the corporate board of JPCHC.


Looking Forward

 The consolidation promises a bright future for both organizations, with a focus on delivering top-tier mental health services and community care.


Paul Wyman, Chairman Turning Point commented:

“For over six years now, Turning Point has been a leader in helping people get into a successful life of recovery. It is proven that long-term sustained recovery is strengthened by providing care of the whole person and together with Jane Pauley Community Health Center, we will now be able to offer primary health care to our clients along with our proven recovery support services.”

“JPCHC shares our vision of not turning anyone away that seeks recovery services. I could not be more excited about joining forces with another incredible nonprofit that is focused on helping individuals and families regardless of their socio-economic status.”

“Our employees, who are at the heart of the work we do, will now be able to offer more health care opportunities to the people we serve. This is a great day for our recovery community.”


Says Jane Pauley Community Health Center CEO, Marc Hackett:

“We’re excited about what this move means for the patients in the community. In addition to the strong mental health and recovery services Turning Point already provides, patients will now have access to the primary care, food pantries, preventative health care, insurance navigation, and other support services that JPCHC has been providing in Central Indiana for years.”


The integration of administrative, clinical, and financial functions will create a stronger foundation for growth, with a commitment to excellence and compassion.


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Marc Hacket Jane Pauley Community Health Center leaders

Marc Hackett

JPCHC Chief Executive Officer

Paul Wyman, Turning Point SOC chair

Paul Wyman

Turning Point SOC Chairman

Jerry Landers, executive director of community mental health center services

Jerry Landers

JPCHC Executive Director of CMHC Services